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Housing Repossession Guidance

Avoid House Repossession with Expert Guidance
At NNPG WE provide expert advice and utilise our industry knowledge, but we also aim to take the worry of potential house repossession away from you. We want to help guide you through the process of stopping house repossession, ensuring you avoid any unnecessary stress. Our friendly and professional team offer instant support, advice and most importantly; effective solutions to your problems.

  • You pay no Fees
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Repossession/Eviction Orders Cancelled
  • Clear Your Mortgage Arrears
  • Free Court Representation
  • We Liaise With Your Lenders For You
Cancel your repossession in 3 simple steps

– call us on 0800 001 6226 or whatsapp +44 7961 369610

– Make an appointment to complete simple paperwork

– We contact your lender and cancel the repossession

Do not just hand back your keys to your lender Handing back the keys is sometimes called voluntary repossession. If you give back your keys and move out, you can no longer live in your home. This can affect your:

  • benefits
  • credit rating
  • options if you need housing help from the council

Your lender might sell your home for less than it is worth. For example, if it’s sold at auction. If the sale price does not cover the money you owe, you have to pay back the difference. You’re still responsible for mortgage interest, building insurance and maintenance costs until the property is sold.

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