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Bathroom Renovations

According to a Bathroom Habits Survey from MaP, the average person spends around 30 minutes in the bathroom each day. That is more than 182 hours per year for each individual, and many find themselves spending more time than the average – so ask yourself why you wouldn’t want to ensure your have the best bathroom possible?

The Best Bathroom Renovations

Typically speaking your bathroom renovation project’s installation phase may end up being the most challenging one. The quality of your bathroom installation will also have a significant impact on the overall finish and quality of your property. Your desired materials must be delivered on schedule, tradesmen will need to be coordinated, and after all of that, you just have to hope that your final interior lives up to your expectations. This is in addition to adjusting to life without your regular facilities.

You can make bathroom alterations and upgrades with us as we prioritise on performing to an excellent standard in the best time possible. Our quality & the timeframe regarding necessity areas like your bathroom and kitchen is a priority with us as we understand the inevitable repercussions of renovating such spaces.

Honest pricing

We never overcharge since we want a contractor to receive the project; instead, we price competitively because we understand better than anyone how aggravating it is when anything is not accounted for in the initial estimate. It's not how we operate. We can assure you that there won't be any unforeseen costs because we ensure every possible expense is incorporated within our estimate.

We fulfil your needs

Any stage of a project is welcome to us. We adjust to your demands & never the other way around. So whether you're just getting started and need qualified experts to turn your vision into a reality, or if you already have an architect with plans in mind but only needed a team to carry out the work safely & professionally Numbers Nation Property are happy to help.

Project Management

Before we even get on site, our domestic surveyors make it a priority to assist you in diagnosing potential problems. This ensures you receive a realistic price and your project is completed with the best quality, on schedule, at competitive rates with no hassle.

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